Who We Are

Proven, Pure Purification Process


Our reputation for scientific, proven methodology is what brought a customer to us with a request to process whole plant hemp years ago. With 40 years of expertise in patented supercritical CO2 process and extraction, PHCO₂™ created a proprietary purification solution for the burgeoning whole plant hemp industry. Since then, we’ve been meeting the need in the industry for a consistent supply of superior-quality, pure ingredient that is processed professionally and delivered efficiently.


Superior Quality—As Nature Intended


Hemp may be a new market, but the experience and proprietary whole plant hemp extract purification process we provide is mature and proven, executed to cGMP standards; we are in the process of getting our GMP registration. With decades of experience behind us, PHCO₂™ was one of the first to offer whole plant hemp crude, distillate, and extract purification using supercritical CO2 processes—we’ve been doing so for a number of years.

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Applying Proprietary Experience


We’re proud to say there is no direct competition available today regarding our specific proprietary full and broad-spectrum PHCO₂™ branded ingredients. This is because we engineered our unique solution based on the expertise of 40 years of developing and optimizing extractions, purifications, remediations, and recrystallizations of hundreds of other applications across a wide variety of industries.


Tell Us About Your Purification Needs


What Is Purification?


The purification process reduces or removes unwanted constituents or foreign substances to help make a purer ingredient that meets your needs. 

  • Reduce or remove pesticides—those that the process is capable of removing; specific requests to be qualified
  • Reduce or remove tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)
  • Reduce non-essential components in the crude—such as fats, lipids, waxes, terpenes, chlorophylls, etc.
  • Remediate solvents—from pre-existing extraction processing performed elsewhere
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Food-Grade Purification


PHCO₂™ provides a food-grade purification service using a proprietary CO2 process. The CO2 conditions include highly calibrated parameters of pressure, temperature, time, etc. Our founder, Val Krukonis, co-wrote the book on supercritical fluid extraction.


These are not trivial points—CO2 process and extraction it is what the PHCO₂™ team excels at. We’ve earned the reputation as innovators of a quality, reliable extraction process that yields consistent, superior purification, and has the ability to capture relevant minors in the whole plant hemp extract.