Services We Offer

Biomass Extraction and Purification

Toll Processing Your Whole Plant Hemp Biomass

PHCO2 has a proprietary CO2 supercritical fluid process that expertly extracts and purifies your biomass all the way through to a non-detectable or full-spectrum material.

Using our GMP-certified, food-grade CO2 process—producing ingredients with high CBD actives with minors—we purify:

  • USDA-Certified Organic whole plant hemp biomass
  • Crude
  • Distillate

Your biomass extraction will be processed cleanly, without harsh chemicals: NO hexane, NO butane, NO propane, and NO ethanol. The labs and farmers we partner with know that the exceptional final material produced is backed by decades of expertise and superior quality processes.

PHCO₂™ Purification Services

We offer whole plant hemp crude, distillate, and extract purification using
a supercritical CO2 process that yields consistent, superior results.

We typically purify the product in such a way that we return the following extract profiles to our customers:

  • Process captures 80% or more of the CBD in the received crude or distillate
  • Potency or concentration of 80% or greater CBD
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is reduced to compliant or non-detectable levels by most labs
  • Pesticide remediation—as an added service, which has demonstrated success with many common pesticides
PHCO2 Remediation Services

Small-Scale Sampling


To ensure the finished ingredient meets the profiles you require, for first-time customers, we typically offer small-scale sample testing of your material. Guided by years of experience toll processing thousands of other ingredients, we feel this is the first vital step in the extraction and purification process for our customers.


We test a small portion of your material in a pilot/lab-scale purification process, which allows you (and us) to see how the material will perform in our full-scale production. This pilot informs you on what you can expect for a finished ingredient, including purity and potency. This process helps align us with expectations about what you want and what we can do.
Small-Scale Sampling

Tell Us About Your Sample Needs

Final extracts we deliver include: 
  • All-Natural whole plant hemp extracts
  • Conventional extracts
  • 80+% CBD
  • Broad-Spectrum (0.0 %) ultra-low THC extracts, with natural minors
  • Full-Spectrum (0.3%) compliant THC extract, with natural minors
  • Food-Grade CO2 purification; unique in the industry
  • USDA-Certified Organic extracts
  • Specialty requests

Certificate of Analysis (COA)

  • We provide in-house cannabinoid testing (internal C of A)
  • We provide third-party testing for C of A to verify analysis of the extraction
  • We provide Prop 65 testing on C of A
  • Whatever your volume needs are, you require a consistent, superior-quality supply of extract—PHCO₂™ is well-equipped to dependably deliver to you 
CBD Cannabidiol

Built to Spec—Ready to Scale


PHCO₂™ team has custom-built dedicated, sanitary 20’ x 25’ processing suites that support methodical proprietary processes, ensuring consistent, high-quality purification results. With the scale and volume at our facility, we are capable of handling large volume production. Our typical process involves starting with a small lab-scale run to verify which set of process conditions best works with a particular lot of your biomass material. Our assurance to you is that our process is executed in a scientific and professional manner.


You are able to scale your operations because we range from relatively small to large volume processing.  We are happy to work with your requirements.