Markets and Applications

This is a new and emerging market for whole plant hemp extracts, so there are many new applications that continue to pop up. A review of applications in the industry includes balms, lotions, creams, capsules, drinks, gummies, tinctures, shampoo, equine, pet, and many more under research and development.


• Nutraceutical

• Food/Snacks

• Beverage


• Pet

• Equine

• Coffee

• Candy


PHCO2 markets and applications

Look for growth in the following markets:


• Pharma

• Vitamins/Supplements


If you aren’t a grower or don’t have the scaling capacity yet, and have requirements for whole plant hemp extract, our conventional line of remediated whole plant hemp extracts is the perfect solution for you. You can use our PHCO₂™ USDA-Certified Organic whole plant hemp extracts for your ingredient requirements.




We offer 1-kilogram (1-liter) and 5-kilogram (2-gallon) bottles, and 15-kilogram (5-gallon) pails of both conventional and PHCO₂™ USDA-Certified Organic whole plant hemp extract branded ingredients. Contact us for a current price quote.

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