You’re probably aware of the recent changes released by MDAR that now allow hemp and hemp-derived products from a MDAR Licensee to a CCC Licensee to be sold in marijuana establishments. Some of the discussions we’ve had with CCC licensees have revealed FAQs we’d like to share with you.

What types of products are affectedwith this new guidance?

  • Raw, unprocessed hemp, including flower
  • Unfinished hemp-derived material
  • Finished hemp products, including raw flower packaged, labeled and ready for sale

What whole plant hemp processing is available to me in MA?

MDAR-licensed PHCO2 is located in North Andover, MA and has full-scale, professional supercritical CO2 extraction and remediation suites for processing whole plant hemp biomass into compliant extract or distillate.


If I already source finished product,how can PHCO2 help me?

It means you can now make your own unique high-caliber products using a MA-grown, locally sourced and processed whole plant hemp extract with a high percentage of CBD and other cannabinoids—using Certified Organic or American conventional hemp extract or compliant distillate (below 0.3% THC).


Can I buy in bulk?

Yes, you can; we have compliant ingredients in stock.