PHCO2 Offers Aquazome, a Water-Soluble CBD/High Cannabinoid Ingredient Solution

on Sep 30, 2022 10:47:31 AM By | PHCO2 | 0 Comments | Broad-Spectrum CBD Full-Spectrum CBD Aquazome Water-Soluble CBD
New Water-Soluble Ingredient Revolutionizes CBD Bioavailability and Efficacy North Andover, MA—September 29, 2022—PHCO2, first in the industry to offer USDA-Certified Organic whole hemp plant extract with all-natural minor cannabinoids, announces another offering that is equally as unique in the industry: Aquazome, a water-soluble CBD ingredient. Aquazome can be used in many applications—from beverages (coffee, functional drinks), edibles, and lotions to water-soluble CBD tinctures, capsules and tablets, and other nutraceutical ingredients, along with equine and pet supplies. 
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Understanding Water-Soluble CBD

The Benefits and Differences Between Oil-Based and Water-Soluble CBD The global cannabidiol market is worth USD 5.18 billion, and it’s expected to grow in the coming years. If you’re involved in the study or sale of CBD, you may have heard of water-soluble CBD.  But what are the benefits and differences? If you’re interested in water-soluble cannabinoids, keep reading. We cover what it is and the advantages of this particular product.
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