Taking CBD Daily

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What to Consider for Your Wellbeing Some people say that daily use of CBD helps them reduce mental strain and cope better with their daily stress, helping the body stay balanced. With daily use of CBD, people may help their systems run more smoothly, which in turn, could positively affect their sleep, mood, and metabolism. This Harvard Medical School Harvard Health Publishing article discusses CBD’s successful application as an anti-seizure treatment in cases of childhood epilepsy, along with more general uses for conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, inflammation, arthritis, and addiction. Since each body is different, the effects of daily CBD use will vary from person to person.
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The Difference Between Full-Spectrum CBD, Broad-Spectrum CBD, and Pure Isolate

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Taking a Closer Look at Full-Spectrum CBD (.3% or less THC) and Broad-Spectrum CBD (non-detected THC) and Pure CBD Isolate The high-level description of these three forms of CDB (or CBD products) can be explained by bullets: Full-spectrum, .3% or less THC: contains CBD, some terpenes, other minor cannabinoids, and plant-based essential oils Broad-spectrum ND THC: contains CBD, and other minor cannabinoids CBD isolate: contains CBD alone
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PHCO2 Offers Aquazome, a Water-Soluble CBD/High Cannabinoid Ingredient Solution

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New Water-Soluble Ingredient Revolutionizes CBD Bioavailability and Efficacy North Andover, MA—September 29, 2022—PHCO2, first in the industry to offer USDA-Certified Organic whole hemp plant extract with all-natural minor cannabinoids, announces another offering that is equally as unique in the industry: Aquazome, a water-soluble CBD ingredient. Aquazome can be used in many applications—from beverages (coffee, functional drinks), edibles, and lotions to water-soluble CBD tinctures, capsules and tablets, and other nutraceutical ingredients, along with equine and pet supplies. 
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Understanding Water-Soluble CBD

The Benefits and Differences Between Oil-Based and Water-Soluble CBD The global cannabidiol market is worth USD 5.18 billion, and it’s expected to grow in the coming years. If you’re involved in the study or sale of CBD, you may have heard of water-soluble CBD.  But what are the benefits and differences? If you’re interested in water-soluble cannabinoids, keep reading. We cover what it is and the advantages of this particular product.
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How Whole Plant Hemp Extracts, CBD Isolates, and Distillates Are Different

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Understanding Why it Matters in the CBD Industry People often assume CBD isolates and distillates are similar, but there are more than just nuances to their differences. The majority of CBD ingredients used by brand manufacturers and white-label labs is sold to them in the form of either isolates and distillates. A CBD isolate is normally sold in the form of a powder, with most elements of the plant extract having been removed to the point that there is virtually only one molecule (CBD), which means no THC and no other minors.
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Synthetic CBD vs Natural Whole Plant Hemp Extract

What to Watch Out for with Synthetic CBD  Cannabidiol (CBD) products are everywhere, but not all of them are natural. As the natural hemp/CBD market continues to grow, the influx of synthetic CBD products is also proliferating. We’re going to take a closer look to help you understand some of the differences. To understand how synthetic CBD differs from natural whole plant hemp CBD, it’s important to understand a few things about synthetic CBD:
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What Are the Benefits of Whole Plant Hemp Extracts?

Discussing Full- and Broad-Spectrum CBD “Whole plant hemp extract”—it’s a mouthful, and has been getting lots of exposure. It’s often coupled with talk of CBD, but they aren’t the same, exactly. Which leads to the next question on people’s minds: what’s the difference between whole plant hemp extract and CBD?
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PHCO₂ Ingredients Available through Distribution Partnership with Open Book Extracts

on Sep 15, 2021 4:00:25 PM By | PHCO2 | 0 Comments | News
Two Experts in Cannabinoid Ingredient Production Form Valuable Supply Chain Link Saco, ME—September 16, 2021—PHCO2, first in the industry to offer USDA-Certified Organic whole hemp plant extract with all-natural minor cannabinoids, announces today a distribution partnership with Open Book Extracts (OBX). The agreement includes distribution of all of PHCO2’s USDA-Certified Organic ingredients with all natural minor cannabinoids.
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Phasex Corporation, dba PHCO₂, Granted 2021 Hemp Processor License Through MDAR

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Massachusetts-based whole plant hemp product manufacturers now have a local source of extraction and purification with USDA-Certified Organic and GMP certifications North Andover, MA—April 13, 2021—Whole plant hemp product manufacturers in Massachusetts have a local source of extraction and purification through Phasex Corporation’s supercritical CO2 extraction process, located in Massachusetts. Phasex Corporation, dba PHCO2, has been granted its 2021 processor license through the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR), which gives hemp product manufacturers a new source to extract and remediate hemp biomass to compliant to ultra-low (non-detectable, in most cases) THC levels for Commonwealth of Massachusetts-grown hemp.
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PHCO₂™ Receives Two-Year Shelf-Life Stability Verification for Whole Plant Hemp Extract Ingredients

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The Experts in Supercritical Fluid Extraction Provide Shelf-Stable Cannabinoids Saco, ME—March 17, 2021—PHCO₂™, first in the industry to offer USDA-Certified Organic whole hemp plant extract with all-natural minors, recently received an analysis completed by ProVerde Laboratories that verifies that PHCO₂™’s whole plant hemp extract ingredients are certified for two-year stability from the manufacturing date for cannabinoids and microbial contaminants.
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